Emerging Leaders within your business, who are pegged for Team Leader or Management positions.

The Know Yourself, Know Others program’ is all about bringing out the best in individuals and supporting their personal and professional development journeys.


Know Yourself, Know Others

Suitable for: Emerging Leaders
Duration: 6 Sessions over 9 hours (1.5 days)
Upcoming Dates: 

  • Thursday 13th & Friday 14th of July

Delivery: On-Campus & On-Location

Price: $1160 pp
Price Inclusions:

  • HMM11 Licence
  • Breaks & Working Lunch
  • Materials
  • Certificate of Completion

Group Discounts & Payment Plans are available

Are you focusing on bringing out the best in yourself,  and your superior? Have you been in a professional rut for far too long and looking for self-improvement in various aspects of your life?  Are you stagnating professionally,  and want to work towards your next career goal?   Is alignment with your boss key to your success?

The ‘Know Yourself, Know Others Program is all about ‘you’.   This program will help you to explore your weaknesses, develop your strengths, identify how to take your goals and career to the next level, and the fundamentals for bringing out the best in all aspects of your professional life.

TopicCompetency Framework
Career Management• Forge relationships with people who can support your career growth
• Identify your career interests, values, and skills
• Identify and pursue opportunities for career growth
• Help others manage their careers
• Manage career obstacles and setbacks
Goal Setting• Develop unit and employee goals
• Foster successful goal achievement
• Evaluate goals and the process for achieving them
Managing Upward• Develop strategies for understanding and interacting effectively with your leaders
• Building strong relationships
• Communicate effectively with your boss
• Strategies for dealing with challenging leaders
Presentation Skills• Clarify your objective, identify your audience, and consider the setting for your presentation
• Identify the single key point of your presentation
• Construct a presentation that hooks your audience and communicates your message
• Use visuals and other media in a presentation to support and enhance your words
• Create an engaging remote presentation
• Practice, refine, and prepare effectively for your presentation
• Keep your audience engaged during a presentation
• Objectively evaluate the style and substance of your presentation
Stress Management• Assess your stress levels
• Use a framework to resolve negative stress
• Apply coping techniques to address immediate stress
• Apply coping techniques to address long-term stress
• Maintain a healthy work/life balance
Time Management• Prioritize goals when managing your time
• Analyze current activities and identify ways to improve your use of time
• Build a realistic schedule based on key priorities
• Adopt new time management habits to sustain your productivity gains
• Improve time management in your organization

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