Why Russo Business School

Russo Business School facilitators are highly regarded leaders in their fields and meet the high energy expectations of the Founder herself, Sarina Russo.  Over the course of our programs, individuals will be exposed to the most relevant Leadership insights, and leave feeling like – IT CAN BE DONE.  Our team are focused on the application of leadership ‘best practices’ while ensuring that our blended models are structured around mentoring and knowledge sharing.

For specific programs,  Russo Business School showcases thought leaders, key-note speakers and distinguished industry experts as part of the program experience. Participants will gain valuable insights and real-world examples of how they overcame critical business challenges and ensured success in their chosen fields.

Russo Business School draws upon the experience and long-standing reputation for academic excellence that has been established by the Sarina Russo Group over the last 37 years.  With education programs delivered on-campus, on-site and for companies on a global scale,  Russo Business School is an accredited higher education provider that supports our ‘partners in learning’ by designing and delivering tailor-made solutions to ensure individual professional growth and organisational change at every level.  We understand that professional development is a journey, therefore we will support yourself and your organisation to ensure you achieve optimal and measurable results.

A Message from Sarina Russo

“I hope you truly enjoy the quality training, support and ongoing employment assistance you will receive when choosing to study at Russo Business School. Passion, persistence, self-belief and the ability to execute are the key assets you need to transform yourself from being a student to having a successful career. Be prepared to push through any challenge and see opportunities. Only then can you discover your true capacity and potential – What you perceive, you can achieve. My philosophy for career success is simple – constantly challenge the status quo, think differently, exceed expectations, deliver with speed and urgency and re-engineer yourself through lifelong learning. If it is to be, it is up to me.”

Founder of Russo Business School

About Brisbane

Brisbane is Australia’s ‘New World City’; with a multicultural population of over 2.2 million. The city provides students with forward-thinking education providers and world-class research facilities, all in a sub-tropical climate ideal for an outdoor lifestyle. Brisbane is a safe and friendly city with a generous community spirit. Australia’s comparatively low crime rates make it one of the safest countries in the world. Furthermore, Australia has lower living expenses and tuition costs compared to other developed countries. Both of these factors make Brisbane one of the most liveable cities in the world. Russo Business School is located in the heart of Brisbane City. With convenient access to cafes, banks, medical centres, parks, public transport and Queen Street Shopping Mall, we’re confident you’ll find plenty to explore and enjoy about our city.